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Baldwinsville Water Damage Cleanup in Basement

The supply lines to this Baldwinsville washing machine leaked and created a small area of water damage on the basement floor. The technicians often use both man... READ MORE

Plumbing Failure and a Water Damaged Ceiling

The ceiling in this Federal Way home was stained and starting to sag from a steady water drip from a failed connection. The non-salvageable ceiling panels can b... READ MORE

Water Damage Repair In Onondaga Hill

Our skilled professionals are the best option when dealing with a water damage disaster in Onondaga Hill. Our crew is locally owned and operated. Our experts wi... READ MORE

Commercial Storm Damage In Onondaga Hill

Our flood damage specialists are the best option when dealing with a flood in Onondaga Hill. Our crew is locally owned and operated. We will arrive promptly and... READ MORE

Groundwater Storm Damage in Fairmount

SERVPRO recommends to homeowners in the Fairmount area to install window wells around ground-level basements. Flooding water can enter and create sufficient dam... READ MORE

SERVPRO Helps Local Camillus Property Owners Beat Storm and Mold Damage

Storm damage brought flooding and ruin to this Camillus home. SERVPRO technicians arrived on-site quickly and began the cleanup efforts. As seen in the Before P... READ MORE

Camillus Property Has Commercial Water Damage

Anytime commercial water damage contains sewage in a Camillus property, it is vital to engage a professional cleanup as this type of water has the potential to ... READ MORE

Camillus Basement Has Inches of Storm

Damage. SERVPRO technicians got a call to handle storm damage in this Camillus basement. The first action the technicians did was to remove items from the loss ... READ MORE

Fairmount Water Damage Work

The leaking supply line to the toilet went unnoticed for several days. The drip was small, so it slowly wicked into several walls of the enclosure in this Fairm... READ MORE

Aquarium and Fire Damage in Camillus?

Sometimes a hobby can lead to fire damage in Camillus area homes. The damaged wall, window trim, and baseboard resulted from a supply in the aquarium storage ar... READ MORE